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Iomega TV: Boxee branches out

The Iomega TV is the Boxee Box for folk who like their boxes more box like. It lacks the outrageous styling of the Boxee Box but that should mean it’ll slide amongst the other kit beneath your TV more easily. It’ll arrive packing the same UI, the same Intel CE4100 processor and a decidedly similar QWERTY-packing remote.

The Iomega TV also has DLNA skills, built-in 802.11n WiFi and up to 2TB of internal storage as well as the ability to act as a NAS device. US pricing runs from $229.99 for the cheapest model with no internal storage up to $249.99 for the 2TB model. The Iomega TV is out in February and we’ll be scouring CES 2011 to get our hands on one and find those elusive UK prices and release dates for you.

Out February | From $229.99 | Iomega (via Engadget)

packard bell 2

We’ve spotted an ultra-cheap HD media player on the way from Packard Bell. The Packard Bell Studio HD might look like something from Kubrick’s 2001, but it’s a 1TB hard drive for £199, which looks to us like a pretty good deal, with all the required connections and codecs.

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The Asus Lamborghini VX5 has just had a little tune since we saw it at CES – Asus has just announced it’s the world’s first laptop to sport a 1TB solid state drive (SSD)! All the details on Asus’s new sportster after the break.

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Pioneer’s 16 layer 400GB Blu-ray discs will work on current Blu-ray players including the Sony PS3, the company has clarified. Because of its hard drive storage for firmware updates (and automatic updating process), that leaves the PS3 as still probably one of the best future-proof Blu-ray players out there.

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