samsung-keyboard-shortcutsThe Samsung N310 netbook comes with a keyboard that is 93 per cent full size, so you’ll find it comfortable to use and easy to get to grips with. To make life even easier, Samsung has fitted the keyboard with a host of shortcuts to make accessing key features even easier.

As with all laptops you’ll find a Fn key that gives you instant access to a range of secondary keys. In the case of the Samsung N310, pressing the Fn key lets you use the keyboard as a numeric keypad, as well as giving you instant access to Brightness and Volume controls.

However, to really make the most of your Samsung N310 it pays to get to grip to grips with the Fn and the row of F keys along the top of the keyboard.

Esc: Pressing Fn and this button will drop your N310 in to Sleep mode, a great way to preserve battery life without switching the machine off.

F1: Immediately boot up the Help section of Windows, allowing you to solve problems or simply find new ways to get more from your system.

F2: See at a glance how much battery life you have left. This is a great way to keep an overall eye on your system’s efficiency.

F3: This is a nice and easy way to enter € (Euro) sign into your posts and correspondence.

F4: Pressing Fn and F4 allows the Samsung N310 to identify the most appropriate screen to use. It also allows the system to choose the best display configuration for your setup,

F5: Switch off the netbook’s backlit. While not an essential tool, it means you can prevent prying eyes from looking at the screen should you need to leave it for a moment or two.

F6: This is a quick way of Muting the sound on your Samsung N310, or switching it back on again. This can be used in conjunction with the volume keys accessing by pressing Fn and Left/Right direction keys.

F7: A quick way to load up Samsung Magic Doctor that helps users to identify and solve common and everyday problems.

F8: A great way to switch between power modes from Normal, to Maximum Power to Maximum Battery Life.

F9: Switch the wireless LAN built into the Samsung N310 On/Off. This shortcut is perfect for use when out and about, as it can help save battery life.

F10: Use when typing when out and about, as it turns the N310 touchpad Off/On. When in Off mode you won’t be able to move the onscreen cursor, so preventing accidents when typing on the move.

Making the most of your Samsung N310 is easy and spending a little time getting to grips with the various shortcuts will make the experience even better.

Video: Get to know the Samsung N310Advanced design features of the Samsung N310

Samsung N310

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