samsung-n310-blackThe Samsung N310 is the first Samsung netbook to come with a frameless 10.1-inch screen design. The use of an advanced LED display panel means you can switch between a default resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, something most other netbooks are locked in to, to a more movie friendly widescreen display of 1024 x 768 pixels. Switching between the two resolutions is easy using the pre-installed Samsung Easy Resolution Manager applet.

However, Easy Resolution Manager isn’t the only Samsung tool installed that makes getting the most from your screen a whole lot easier, as Samsung Easy Display Manager is a small but powerful tool designed to help the user get even more from the stunning display.

Perhaps the best use of Easy Display Manager is when you want to switch between widescreen and the default monitor settings without having to access Easy Resolution Monitor. To switch between the two settings instantly, press and hold down Fn and Shift at the same time, while toggling the Left/Right direction keys located on the bottom right-hand side of the keyboard.

The main reason for getting to grips with Samsung Easy Display Manager is that it allows you to make switching between the main screen and external monitors a lot easier. The Samsung N310 has a great 10.1-inch panel that is large enough for use on the move but when you’re at your desk, or giving a presentation, you may wish to hook it up to a larger screen using the built-in VGA-out port.

How to make the most of the Samsung N310 screen

HOW TO: Use Samsung Easy Display Manager Switching between the netbook screen and attached devices can be done manually using the Fn key, located on the left-hand side of the keyboard and pressing the F4 key – found on the top line of the keyboard – at the same time.

Samsung Easy Display Manager allows you to pre-define extra functions for your N310′s screen. For instance, the Samsung N310 is the first netbook we’ve seen that allows you to rotate the screen a full 360 degrees. A setting within Samsung Easy Display Manager allows you to set this running.

Get more from your Samsung N310 battery

Then, by pressing Fn + Alt and any of the four direction keys in the right-hand corner of the keyboard you’ll be able to switch between Landscape and Portrait mode, and even turn the screen 180 degrees so its upside down – perfect if you want to show someone facing you something on screen.

The Samsung Easy Display Manager is a great tool that helps users get the most out of their Samsung N310 display and is a free app Samsung has installed to make this the most versatile netbook on the market.

Video: Get to know the Samsung N310Advanced design features of the Samsung N310

Samsung N310

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