samsung-n310-profileYour Samsung N310 netbook is designed for a life on the road, so battery life is a key factor. Getting the most out of the battery can be confusing, not to mention time consuming, and it’s important that it’s easy to switch between maximum battery when on the road, and maximum performance once you’re home.

This is where Samsung’s Easy Battery Manager comes in, making it, as the name implies, easy to set up your N310 in a way that best suits your needs. Samsung’s Battery Manager features four default settings – Max Battery Life, Normal, Max Performance and Customized, letting you switch quickly between each depending on your needs.

Changing between the different profiles sees several key changes – the brightness of the screen, whether auto-dimming of the display is activated or not and the CPU speed. Changes are also made to when the screen is turned off, when the hard drive is turned off, when the N310 goes into standby and when system hibernation is activated.

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HOW TO: Use Samsung Easy Battery ManagerIf you’re unsure of what changes need to be made, simply stick to Max Battery Life when out and about, Max Performance in the office, and Normal if you want a good all-rounder, offering the best of both worlds.

Those willing to play around with the settings will like the Customised option, which lets you configure the N310 to suit your needs perfectly. To get the best battery life, it makes sense to keep the screen brightness at a low setting. Set LCD Auto-dimming to the minimum amount of time you’re happy with, which dims the screen after minutes to conserve power.

Clicking the minimum option next to CPU will also see a gain in battery life, although performance will be compromised as a result. If colour quality isn’t a key factor when out on the road, click Medium (16bit) next to the Colorbit option, which sees an improvement in battery life.

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Key savings can also be made by changing the settings at the bottom of the Easy Battery Manager interface. Set the monitor to turn off after a couple of minutes – it’ll stay on as long as you’re typing, going dark once the system is left alone. The same applies for the hard disk – there’s no point in it being activated when the N310 is not in use, so set it to turn off after 30 seconds.

Samsung Easy Battery Manager also lets you configure the N310 differently depending on whether it’s running on battery power or plugged into the mains – letting you switch between power and battery life simply by connecting the power adapter.

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Samsung N310

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