We’re now just days away from the official launch of Windows Phone 8, and the smartphone superpowers are readying their wares for launch. Huawei’s got the latest of the bunch, the Ascend W1, but why should you care? Read more


Facebook has rolled out a change to its brand pages, which is designed to merge geo-specific pages into one glorious whole. Where does that leave your current ‘UK’ suffixed page? Fret not, intrepid web person: Facebook’s got your back. Read more


“This is Gary. He’s the new kid. He’s gonna just sit in the corner and do the Twitter stuff for us.” If that sounds at all familiar, we’ve got some news for you: your brand is about to be bombarded with invidious, hateful slander, and you’re all in serious danger. See, it turns out Gary is the most powerful person in your team. Gary could destroy you.

Please don’t let Gary destroy you; read this instead… Read more


There’s nothing like a bit of good old exploitation to drive stacks of cash into your bank account – just ask the parents of any child you may happen to see on the TV. The kings of such financial squeezing? Undoubtedly the parents of Charlie and Harry – YouTube’s most famous brothers. Yep – them again. And guess what? They’re making a lot more monies. Read more

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That Apple TV box of yours… It’s very nice, but don’t you wish it did a bit more? Apple’s mucked about with live-streaming events in the past, but now it’s poised to buy a company with tech built to do just that. Is Apple TV finally about to cease being just a ‘hobby’? Read more

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Angry Birds: you may have heard of it. Rovio’s monster mobile gaming franchise is marching towards a new title in the series, and it’s arguably the biggest tie-in yet. Angry Birds Star Wars is just a few weeks away, so here’s the latest teaser… Read more


People tend not to like change, but on occasion it’s necessary. A bit of a spruce up and a reshuffle is exactly what’s coming to LinkedIn’s profile pages, and it’s about to jazz up your professional online presence.

The roll-out is going to take us up to Christmas, but there’s work to be done now if you want to land on your feet… Read more

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You’re a massive company; how do you communicate with your customers, fans and haters? With professional decorum? Or as if they’re a friend? The correct answer, obviously, is that you should just arse around and enjoy yourselves.

Bodyform subscribes to this school of thought, and it’s just won the internet this week for doing so… Read more


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