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4G in the UK is finally a real, actual thing that you can boast about having when down the pub. And like everything else down the pub, it comes at a price. In other words; EE has just unveiled the UK pricing for its 4G tariffs. So what’s the damage? Read more

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Tonight, Apple is holding a live event to launch the oft-rumoured iPad mini (or iPad Air, or iPad diddly, or whatever). But the latest clues suggest it won’t get a UK launch this side of Christmas. Worried? You should be.

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Since Facebook Timeline came into effect, it’s been much easier for brands to represent themselves in a striking manner. But that doesn’t often lead to sales. Tell you what does, though: being on Pinterest. Time you took a more active interest in the social wishlist? Read more


Peter Gabriel is cooler than you, and ‘Sledgehammer’ has one of the best music videos of all time. Run these two facts through a mangle with the words ‘Facebook’ and ‘competition’, and what have you got? Read more


Is print dying? It’s certainly on the shrink. While the two sides of that particular argument continue to shout at each other from across the room, something important is largely being forgotten: digital editorial is a whole new kettle of fish. But, has Time – one of the biggest publications in the world – just foreshadowed a new era for online publishing? Read more

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It’s going to be a busy week in the tech world. This time next week, Microsoft will unzip its trousers and waggle Windows Phone 8 in front of the world, but before then we’ve got Windows 8, the iPad mini and Google’s end-of-week Android event. And guess what: we know exactly what Google’s about to unleash. Read more

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What is a Chromebook? If you’re Google, that’s a question you need to figure out how to answer. Quickly. To try and solve the problem, the big G has just launched a new ad for the upcoming Samsung Chromebook that suggests just about anyone is a prime candidate for the new machine. But is that true? Read more


People tend to moan about how restrictive Apple’s App Store is, but on the other end of the spectrum, the open nature of the Google Play Store for Android does sometimes land it in hot water. Case in point? One of the biggest app swindles ever has just been exposed. And it was all done by a bloke in his parents’ basement. Read more


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