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Electricpig is brought to you by some of the UK’s finest technology and gadget writers. Want to know who we are and what we do? We’ve explained ourselves below.

James Holland, Editor at large
Head honcho, big kahuna, grande fromage. Just six of the words never previously applied to Electricpig’s editor at large. OK, nine.
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Ben Sillis, Acting editor
Ben has the skinny on every gadget going. From eye-tingling TVs to the best mobile for your pocket. Nothing gets past Ben. He doesn’t even give way at T-junctions.
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Adam Bunker, Senior Staff Writer
The Boy Bunker’s brilliance comes in digging up a juicy news tidbit. He’s got a nose for detail, and eye for a story, and usually gets his idioms in the right order too.
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Mike Cooper, Founding Partner, Republic Publishing
Electricpig is the brainchild of Mike and fellow founder James Beechinor-Collins. Nobody knows more about its inception, direction or the power it can wield for your brand. Get in touch to discuss commercial opportunities, new ventures or just to plead for a peep at Electricpig’s plans for the next 12 months.
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