HOW TO: Make the Most of Samsung Easy SpeedUp Manager The Samsung N310 is packed full of features that make it a whole lot easier to use. One such tool is Samsung Easy SpeedUp Manager, which is a combination of a keyboard shortcut and a piece of clever software that allows you to boost the performance of the N310 netbook.

To activate Easy SpeedUp Manager all you need to do is press the Fn key, located in the left-hand side of the N310′s keyboard, at the same time as the F8 function key – found on the top line of the keyboard.

The software reacts differently depending on whether you’re running on battery or mains power. When in battery mode, for instance, you won’t be able to effectively overclock the CPU- something that it is capable of only when plugged in.

You’ll find that Easy SpeedUp Manager offers three different modes, Silent, Normal and Speed, which break down as follows:

Silent mode gets its name because it reduces the voltage of the system, so there is less likelihood of activity coming from the hard drive or fan. By reducing the power level, the N310 runs slower, which is great if you’re  working on basic every day tasks. The benefit, besides a silent running netbook, is that battery life can be extended.

Normal mode, is as the name suggests, the default setting for the Samsung N310 and runs the system at the level of performance you have already defined in Samsung Battery Manager.

Speed is the final setting and effectively overclocks the CPU by running at its most efficient. This mode is great if you need to make sure the full system resources are being used by apps on the N310, which is great if you need to run something a little more labour intensive, such as video.

It’s not only when you’re already running applications that you can deploy the Easy SpeedUp Manager, as Samsung has engineered it to help boost the speed a program will initially load.

Press Fn and F8 as soon as you start to load a program and Easy SpeedUp Manager will identify this as a priority app. Not only will it load the program quicker, it will also dedicate more system resources to it, so that program runs and saves smoother.

Samsung Easy SpeedUp Manager is just one great example of how Samsung is making the N310 netbook experience easier and smoother, making this premium netbook the perfect choice for anyone who needs to work smart on the move.

Video: Get to know the Samsung N310Advanced design features of the Samsung N310

Samsung N310

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