We’re often asked for recommendations. Our friends, our family and our loyal readers want to know which kit is most deserving of their dosh. That’s what made us create our brand new Electricpig Top 5 lists. We want to offer you a really simple and effective recommendation service that makes it dead easy for you to get great deals with no fuss.

You’ll find our most recommended products relevantly lined up in order of preference next to every page on Electricpig (that’s over 10,000 articles.) Plus there’s a new Top 5 lists section too, making is easy to find the best products no matter what you’re after.

Each product has a couple of links next to it too. One will let you read more about the products we recommend, and the other will let you buy it at the best price.

We’ve chosen Amazon as an affiliate partner for most of our recommended gadgets. Why? Simply, most of us on Electricpig currently use Amazon for the majority of our online gadget buying, because they consistently offer the best prices and free delivery. Now that might not remain the case forever, but for the moment they’re our most recommended online gadget retailer. Plus their shopping service was one of the simplest to plug into our new recommendations section, enabling us to test and evolve this sparkly new service with the flexibility and speed required. This is only the beginning folks.

When it comes to mobile phones, we’ve partnered with an outfit called Recombu to help find the best mobile deals and tariffs to go with the handsets we recommend. We compared their service with a bunch of others and found they had a great tariff-chosing tool and the most up-to-date data.

We’ve done all this to bring you the best gadget recommendations in the smartest way. We want you to spend your hard earned cash on the greatest products, and get the for the best prices. We hope you’ll agree it works well and kicks up some killer deals.

But we’re only just starting, and we’ll evolve our Electricpig recommendations over time. We welcome all your feedback to help continually improve this newest section of the site. Let us know what you think, and what you’d like us to add next!

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