Toshiba AC100 review: Android laptop tested

The Toshiba AC100 Android smart-book is a rare and welcome attempt by the Tosh to go against the tide of popular technology trends. While we sweep towards a world of tablets, tablets and yet more bleeding tablets, Toshiba’s standing by all the citizens who still like an honest to goodness QWERTY keyboard, and giving them all the other benefits of smartphone and tablet gear, like tiny form and power sipping, super quiet innards.

For all the buzz – and even litigation – around the phrase smart-book, this is actually the first mainstream model of its type to go on sale in the UK. Is it too late or has it come just in time to shake us to our senses? Read on and find out in our full Toshiba AC100 review.

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September 15th, 2010
Toshiba AC100 review: Build and battery

The Toshiba AC100 may look like a netbook, but the differences extend beyond the Android software it runs. There are some changes under the bonnet and on the outside too that sit it in a category of its very own, but is it one that’s worth buying in to? Find out in this part of our Toshiba AC100 review.

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Toshiba AC100 review: Android 2.1

Ever used an Android phone? You’ll know how to get around the Toshiba AC100 then. Toshiba has given it its own skin (with the biggest addition of a cursor – though you can turn it off) but the basics are still the same. You get five homescreens to slap shortcuts, folders and widgets on, and you can bring up a full app menu, or the menu options within apps with a rich click of the trackpad. But does it work well on this uncommon form factor? Find out in the software section of our Toshiba AC100 review right here.

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August 24th, 2010
Vodafone Mobile WiFi review

The Vodafone Mobile WiFi dongle has hit the UK, just weeks after Three’s own second gen mobile WiFi hotspot was unleashed. Just like, it shuns the USB port of older dongles in favour of creating its own impromptu WiFi hotspot for all your gadgets to leech off. Does it do it with aplomb, or should people simply opt for a phone that does the same? Find out in our full Vodafone Mobile WiFi review.

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August 19th, 2010
Magic Trackpad review

The Magic Trackpad may not be Apple’s attempt to completely replace the mouse, but when you can fit almost your entire hand on it, it’s easy to see how it could turf your USB rodent off your desk. Does it deserve pride of place on your worktop, or is it an expensive waste of space? Read on and find out in our Magic Trackpad review.

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August 3rd, 2010
Samsung Q430 review

The Samsung Q430 is the latest in Sammy’s super portable, low price laptop line, and with decent quality, good designs and loads of features, on paper at least there’s a lot to like. How does the latest Samsung Q series fare in our rigorous testing? Read on to find out in our full Samsung Q430 review.

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Samsung Q430 review: Speed and media skills

If you’ve read our Samsung Q430 overall review already, you’ll know that this little laptop has a lot to offer for frequent travellers or those on a budget, but what’s it like when it comes to more intensive multimedia use? Read on to find out in this section of our Samsung Q430 review.

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Samsung Q430 review: Portable power

The Samsung Q430 may be a commuter’s delight, with compact dimensions and a light weight, but with a powerful specification it also has the potential to replace your desktop PC. Read on to see if it’s a king of all trades, as well as a jack, in this section of our Samsung Q430 review.

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