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If you popped Radio 4 on this morning, chances are the famous Today programme filled your living room. From the dulcet tones of wounded politicians to atrocious racing tips, the morning news magazine is arguably British radio’s most well-known show, with 7.18 million listeners a week according to the latest RAJAR figures.

But did you know that as well as excoriating slippery MPs, the tech behind Today, and Radio 4, plays a key part in the defence of Britain’s shores? Read on and we’ll tell you just how Humphrys and co keep our boys in the loop about any attacks on Blighty.

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Had enough turkey to last you a lifetime? Can’t face another helping of cheese and port? Then step this way. The post-Christmas ritual of shedding pounds is as old as the big day itself (maybe), but rather than opening your wallet and handing over your cash to a gym, invest in this winning fitness tech that you’ll want to keep on using beyond the first couple of weeks of January.

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The best tech hangover cures

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Let’s be frank. We know you’ve spent most of Christmas – and New Year’s Eve – getting tucked into some lovely booze. And now, of course, you’re paying the price. But rather than gorging on greasy breakfasts, going down to the gym to sweat it all out or simply cowering on the sofa with a packet of ibuprofen in hand, let tech cure your hangover. How, you ask? With these five simple solutions.

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Got a new Amazon Kindle for Christmas, but spent all your cash on pressies for your friends and family? Fear not. The incredible Project Gutenberg is absolutely chock full of freebies: 36,000 to be precise. And among those thousands of gratis reads are some of the greatest classics ever written. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and we’ll take you through six stunning titles that you should download and read now.

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Tech’s endless march looks set to continue in 2012, with stacks of new and improved technologies set to make life easier and more fun. From proper contactless payments coming to mobile phones and improved gaming systems to 3D printing getting the mainstream breakthrough it deserves, here’s our pick of 10 of the best new technologies to get excited about in 2012.

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Family arguments are a Christmas occupational hazard. But rather than making like your fourteen year-old self and storming off to your room when your dad starts getting all adamant that it was Mick Jagger who did a Christmas duet with Bing Crosby, not David Bowie, use the power of tech to solve your quibbles. These apps will sort any arguments sharpish.

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We all know the deal. Heading home for Christmas should bring back happy memories of waking your folks up at 5am and tearing through reams of wrapping paper. But chances are you’ll have to contend with tedious family politics, woeful TV and an inordinate amount of sitting, stuffing your face with turkey sandwiches for meals on end. You need tech to take the strain and make the festivities fly by. Here are 10 tricks that we guarantee will help you survive the big day back at home.

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Nikon D4: all the specs leaked

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The Nikon D4, the camera maker’s much-mooted new top-end DSLR has been the subject of a huge leak, with all the key specs for the killer snapper released online. Will this be a camera worth stumping up for? Read on and we’ll tell you all the details.

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