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PopCap, developer of Peggle, Plants vs Zombies and Bejeweled, has stepped up to the plate and is planning to donate all revenues from the next 48 hours to the Red Cross, to help with the relief effort in Japan. PopCap will be donating its revenues from midnight on Saturday 19 March 19 until midnight on Sunday 20 March.

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Some eagle-eyed Olympics watchers have unearthed a document which looks to promise restrictions on smartphones at the 2012 Olympics in London, meaning you won’t be live tweeting, snapping away, calling your mum to wave on the telly, or uploading blurry shots of the high jump to your Facebook. Read on for more info.

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Londoners will be pleased to hear that O2 has given its 3G network in the capital a welcome boost. O2 reckon it could pump up its 3G network capacity by 50%.

The extra speed comes form the 900MHz spectrum, that was previously used for 2G services, but that Ofcom unshackled earlier in the year for networks to use for 3G services. O2 is the first network to take advantage of the new network space, but we’re expecting others to follow suit, and hopefully improve 3G coverage across the country.

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Dave Hilton, Marketing Director UK & Ireland at Sony Ericsson, has said that it’s not just Sony Ericsson Xperia Play users who will see the improvements in gaming on Android that Xperia Play will bring.

He said: “As well as working with games developers directly, we’ve also formed key partnerships to enhance the whole gaming ecosystem – most notably with Unity, a developer pool that helps devs get their games on to every platform.”

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There’s an Apple software glitch creeping around, and it’s affecting new MacBook Pros, and some 2011 MacBook Pros. The problem is in the connection between an iOS device and the Macbook Pro. Read on for more info.

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The Nintendo 3DS is the most pre-ordered console ever according to Amazon. The Nintendo 3DS is due to hit shelves at the end of next week, with a midnight opening event happening at HMV stores across the country.

While there’s still one week left until its release, the Nintendo 3DS has already beaten the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo 3DS has beaten the PS3 by 20%, and has 56% more pre-orders than the Nintendo Wii.

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Remember Richard Branson’s Project magazine? The one we haven’t heard much more than a peep out of since its launch? Well, if you were put off because you had to pay, you might want to take another look at Project. The debut had some technical problems, but the interactive Jeff Bridges cover looked slick, and now, thanks to a whopping great big sponsorship deal from American Express, Project magazine will be free for all, for the forseeable future.

Could this have something to so with the Apple subscription model? Branson’s sponsorship deal means that because he can give away Project magazine for free, he doesn’t have to give Apple its 30% cut.

Could more iPad magazines follow suit? Click through to shout out in the comments!

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If you’re a Virgin TiVo customer you’ll now be able to get your digital mitts on the third Virgin TiVo tuner. The new tuner activation means Virgin TiVo customers can record two programmes, and watch a third, all at the same time, giving some multitasking smarts to your TiVo box that other set top boxes can only dream of.

At the maximum TV capture you can push the TiVo box to record three live programmes at the same time, whilst watching something stored on your Virgin TiVo box hard drive.

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