What the humble text message started, instant messaging services are taking to the next level by evolving at rapid pace. BlackBerry Messenger may have kicked off the mobile IM game, but Samsung’s now raising the bar, with new features in the Samsung ChatON app taking things one step beyond… Read more

People will always be attracted to the most innovative companies – firms that seem to be at the cutting edge, pushing boundaries and forging a new path in their respective field. In mid-20th century these companies would have been found in design and manufacturing, but now cyberspace is very much the dominant force. But how do you get your get your foot in the door at the HQs of some of tech’s biggest names? Read more

Apple fans, get ready to be wowed. It’s been less than a year since the hotly-anticipated iPhone 4S hit the shelves, but according to reports the rumoured iPhone 5 is already in the final stages of testing. In fact, according to the latest news, the next iteration of the world’s most innovative line of smartphones could be unveiled at a keynote speech on 7th August and be on shelves early as mid-September.

The question on everybody’s lips in the run-up to the autumn launch is: what can we expect from Apple’s newest offering? There are plenty of rumours flying around, but which are true and which are simply the product of wishful thinking from tech heads? Read more

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Huge thanks to everyone who applied for the VIP reader evening hosted by the generous folk at BlackBerry. As promised, eight readers got the chance to go hands-on with the PlayBook and grill one of BlackBerry’s head honcho’s on the subject of RIM’s first tablet.

Moreover, congratulations to Gautam Vaidya of Wembley, who walked away with a brand new PlayBook and a selection of rather fetching accessories including a bright pink case (which he declared an ideal gift for his girlfriend). Whether she’ll ever get her hands on the PlayBook is another matter… Read more


The 2010 reboot of Goldeneye for the Wii proved a worthy mission for the libidinous martini-tipper. The re-imagining of the N64 classic (beloved of gamers, stoners and schoolboy skivers) brought updated storylines and beefed-up multiplayer.

It also bought current 007 Daniel Craig, who – thankfully – appeared sporting a tux rather than his signature, powder-blue banana-hammock.

Now Acti has decided to bring the same game, plus some additions, to the PS3 and Xbox 360. If Goldeneye 007 Reloaded can capture the sheer joy of the original, it’ll be one of 2011’s must-have titles.

EP headed to a top secret London location to have a first play. Better start saving because, as Bond once mused, ‘Christmas only comes once a year.’ [Pass me the sick bucket - Ed].

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It’s summer, you’re out and about, the last thing you want is your phone battery to die. Well a solar charger may be the answer, and this new model will fit your iPhone perfectly, with minimal bulk and maximum power.

Check them out after the break.

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Twitter’s a great social tool for staying in touch, connecting with people, sharing links, mounting important campaigns and providing a platform for voices ignored by the mainstream media. It’s also got its fair share of idiots.

So how to ensure you don’t have people unfollowing faster than if you Twitpicced yourself hugging a copy of the News of the World? Well, we recommend avoid doing any of the 27 things below. We’ve called it ‘Twettiqeuette’, which – ironically –  is twice as annoying as anything on this list…

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He looked frail; whiter than Colgate – and yet they hung on his every word. Steve Jobs may not be in the rudest of health, but the man Richard Branson calls ‘the greatest comeback artist’ proved yesterday that he’s still got it. His iCloud presentation at Apple’s WWDC conference was greeted with the customary euphoric cheers, delighted howls and all-American whooping.

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