We’re at mobile giant Qualcomm’s big Berlin IQ summit today for business partners and the press, and while it’s keen on talking up the merits of 4G and its Snapdragon smartphone processors, we’re most taken by its breakthrough augmented reality tech, Vuforia. Can cloud power actually make augmented reality useful for something?

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Last night, Microsoft revealed its plans for mobile and Windows Phone 8. It’s a revamped operating system with a brand new homescreen, VoIP integration and a whole lot more. But it’s also not coming to any Windows Phone handsets on the market – not even the newly released Nokia Lumia 900.

Unsurprisingly, quite a lot of people are miffed. But it could be a lot worse. You could have an Android phone.

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Nokia Drive, the jewel in the crown of Nokia’s Lumia smartphones, will be coming to other Windows Phone 8 models, the Finnish company has announced. But will it cost extra? And who will get it?

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Last week’s WWDC keynote saw the launch of iOS 6, as well as a rejig of Apple’s entire Mac line – including a brand new MacBook Pro with a thinner body, souped up specs and a Retina Display.

I’ve been testing it out for the last week and – quelle surprise – it’s amazing. The thing is, it’s so good it’s making the internet itself look bad.

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LG is not one to let its arch-rival Samsung linger too long in the sun. After the release of the Galaxy S3, complete with voice assistant app S-Voice, LG is getting in on the game with LG Quick Voice for its Android phones. But does it stand a chance?

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The Microsoft Surface tablet was unveiled to the press in Los Angeles last night to much fanfare. It’s an unusual attempt from the Redmond company to create both the hardware and software itself: its goal in doing so is to take on Apple’s mighty iPad.

It’s a smart move on Microsoft’s part: even if all it does is make the likes of Acer, Dell and HP up their game, it’s done its job. That’s true at least of the launch version, running Windows RT on an ARM processor. The thicker, pricier version on the way with an Intel processor? I’m not so sure.

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Apple and Samsung have been waging war in the courts since April of last year over intellectual property infringement. Now the latest round has been scheduled to take place here in the UK – and it starts on Monday morning.

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On Monday at Apple’s WWDC keynote event, it was revealed that the original 2010 iPad would not be graced with an update to iOS 6. Like the iPhone and iPhone 3G before it, it has reached the end of life.

So it goes.

But there’s an issue here, and it’s one that we’re only beginning to stumble into in this “post-PC” era. Security. What happens when laptop replacements can’t enjoy security updates for as long as their predecessors did?

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