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Hey. Welcome to Electricpig.

Electricpig is the only tech you need, delivering heaps of quality tech news, reviews, videos, image galleries and features every day. We know what we’re talking about, we’re not swayed by what big brands tell us and we get the latest tech to you first.

Our mission is simply to deliver the latest on technology and gadgets – the best products, most exciting innovations and hottest well-informed rumours. No fluff, and definitely no news on pretty iPod cases. Each news story, opinion and feature comes laced with a fat dollop of unabashed gut-felt opinion. And we promise to deliver more of this fat-free content than anyone else.

So where’s the pig? There isn’t one. Electricpig is American slang for a waste disposal unit. No, we’re not American either (more of a London-based, English, Irish, Brummie, Brazilian mash-up), but we loved the name, and it sums up what Electricpig does – we chop away the rubbish from the tech frontline and deliver only the best bits to you, all in one place.

Editor at large James Holland

Acting Editor Ben Sillis

Senior Staff Writer Adam Bunker

Creative Director Mike Cooper @coopinho

Founding Partner James Beechinor-Collins

Chairman Clive Swan

Electricpig.co.uk Republic Publishing. Registered office: 17 Beckenham Grove, Shortlands, Bromley, Kent  BR2 0JN

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