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[gallery] The Toshiba ZL2 glasses-free 3D TV, the company's flagship TV with 2D to 3D real time conversion, is finally going on sale in the UK on Monday. For a penny shy of £7,000, you can now finally buy an auto-stereoscopic screen to call your own. If you go to the one shop selling it, that is. Not one chain, mind. One shop. Read more
February 29th, 2012
Netflix is in town, proudly talking about what it’s achieved since launching in the UK and Ireland. We’ve been talking with the movie streaming company’s top brass about it’s biggest rival LoveFilm, and why it thinks it’s got the edge. They pulled no punches, pouring scorn on Lovefilm's technology in an interview today. Read more
February 20th, 2012
The Promise set top box
We’re still waiting for YouView; the BBC-orchestrated set-top box service that’ll let you view anything from the last seven days of Freeview’s scheduled TV whenever you like, but in the meantime thank heavens for the Ludlam family. This kooky bunch of British telly fans have cooked up Promise: a set-top box to rule them all, and give YouView a run for its money. Read more
February 17th, 2012
Yesterday Apple announced the launch of OS X Mountain Lion, the next iteration of the ever-evolving Mac operating system. It’s got a gaggle of new features, but by far the most intriguing is the ability to do AirPlay Mirroring between a Mac and Apple TV. Has this small tweak just brought Apple’s ‘hobby’ of a set-top box into the big leagues? Read more
February 15th, 2012
Sky Go, the mobile app that lets you take your Sky TV content with you, is finally about to land on Android here in the UK. The app, which will be available to download in just a weeks’ time, is a massive boon to the platform, but what’s taken so long? Read more
February 13th, 2012
Today news has broken out that UK TV network ITV sent Apple a letter last year basically saying: ‘You’d best not name your HD TV sets iTV’. Even though it's now been denied, everyone’s now gearing up to cover a huge legal battle. But I just don’t think it’ll happen. More to the point: if you do, you probably don’t understand the way Apple works... Read more
The tech world is still alive with rumours about the upcoming Apple HD TV sets, but are we all getting ahead of ourselves? Stock shortages and product codes appear to point to a refreshed Apple TV set-top box landing sooner... Read more
February 10th, 2012
Thinking of getting in on the web TV craze? Roku may be your answer: the miniature Apple TV-alike TV box has just touched down in the UK for a very wallet-friendly price. Read more

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