Arcam A38
Here's a challenge, see if you understand any of this: 105wpc integrated current feedback amplifier, ultra stable thermal management, ultra wide-band power amp and Stealth Mat EMC damping. Any joy? Well it's all inside Arcam's new A38 integrated stereo Hi-Fi amp, and P38 stereo power amp. The P38 also features electronic volume control, hermetically sealed relay input switching and a learning remote. Sound good? Know what it means? Then the tip-top audio boxes are out now, for £1,200 and £800 respectively. Out now | From £800 | Arcam
February 25th, 2008
[DESC]Toshiba's put the same Cell processor from the PS3 into a TV, so it can upscale anything you throw at it! Toshiba has given us some face time with its newest TV technologies, and among the super-slim screens, USB and Bluetooth-equipped TVs and picture-frame plasmas is this: the world’s first TV with upscaling built in. The screen is powered by a Cell processor - the same one found inside Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. But here, it’s upscaling standard definition video to near HD quality, rather processing Blu-Ray films or playing games. Its inclusion inside a TV means there’s no need for an expensive upscaling DVD player to enjoy an existing disc collection, and should make signals from Freeview look akin to those from Sky HD. What’s more, the Cell processor is designed to handle multiple video streams, and we understand it should mean the TV can preview up to six HD streams at once, before letting you watch one full-screen. The TV itself is still in development, but the technology clearly works. Toshiba says it hopes to announce availability of upscaling screens in the second half of the year. Stay tuned, and check out our video below for a closer look. [/DESC] [ID]H1Csvg3tiwM[/ID] [AUTHOR]electricpigtv[/AUTHOR] [IMG][/IMG] [RATING]4.33[/RATING] [VIEW]1542[/VIEW] [TAGS] ElectricPig Electric Pig TV Toshiba Cell processor PS3 PlayStation upscaling upscaler HD[/TAGS] [UPLOADTIME]1203953917[/UPLOADTIME] [LENGTH]36[/LENGTH]
January 8th, 2008

Video: Zcam hand gesture TV

[DESC]Use this £50 add-on to control your media centre, using just your hands![/DESC][ID]OKx_oB-AEFM[/ID][AUTHOR]electricpigtv[/AUTHOR][IMG][/IMG][RATING]0.00[/RATING][VIEW]338[/VIEW][TAGS] electricpigtv electricpig electric pig Zcam TV motion control fingers hand hands finger media centre PC[/TAGS][UPLOADTIME]1199850698[/UPLOADTIME][LENGTH]31[/LENGTH]
January 7th, 2008

Video: Hand gesture TV

[DESC]Wave your hands in front of Samsung's new telly to interact with stuff on-screen, a bit like the Wii[/DESC] [ID]jRDejwgRj2w[/ID] [AUTHOR]electricpigtv[/AUTHOR] [IMG][/IMG] [RATING]0.00[/RATING] [VIEW]106[/VIEW] [LENGTH]44[/LENGTH]

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