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BMW Pathfinder is a satnav system that apparently boasts more detail than the average turn-by-turn setup. The idea is to guide you exactly where you need to go within your general destination – so it’ll take you right to a ticket booth or car park within, say, a shopping centre complex. Read more
May 26th, 2010
The Econav could well be the satnav for you if you find yourself struggling to stick to speed limits. The pushy PND includes a new feature that will tot up exactly how many points and, more importantly, how much cash flaunting the law might cost you. Read more
May 17th, 2010
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Garmin Nuvi 295W: satnav with a camera

The Garmin Nuvi 295W is one of a new breed of satnavs packing smartphone features. This newly announced PND has one feature though that's still a bit surprising: it's sporting a three megapixel camera inside, for geotagged shots. Would you use one?

Read more

May 4th, 2010
TomTom Darth Vader
TomTom has recruited Darth Vader to provide voice navigation with C-3PO and Yoda joining the line up in June and Han Solo arriving in August. Why bring Star Wars voices to TomTom satnavs today? Well, May the 4th be with you… Read more
April 28th, 2010
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TomTom Go Live 1000
The TomTom Go Live 1000 just blew TomTom's priciest current connected satnavs out of the water. The brand new PND packs in a ton of new features almost unheard of in a dedicated satnav, including a finger friendly capacitive screen, and bundled internet services for a full year. Read on for the details. Read more
April 27th, 2010
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TomTom Urban Rider takes to the roads
King of the road-mappers TomTom have revealed its new TomTom Urban Rider sat-nav designed with bikers in mind and delivering a "glove-friendly" interface, lane guidance and more for two-wheeled road goers. What else can it do? Read on. Read more
April 20th, 2010
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Garmin Nuvi 3790T
The Garmin Nuvi 3790T is a brand new satnav with specs more suited to the next iPhone. We're not just talking about a sharp, finger friendly capacitive touchscreen, but multitouch too for pinch zooming on maps! Read more
April 19th, 2010
Mio Navman 575
The Mio Navman 575 which launched today and as we'd expect from the firm that launched the Mio Moov V780 HD satnav, it packs in some interesting new tech. The most intriguing feature is called LearnMe which will build up a picture of the roads you like driving. Does that mean the Mio Navman 575 can tell you’re a masochist if you always opt for the M25? Read on to find out… Read more

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