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TomTom's ultra-smart, Google-equipped Go Live satnavs just started to ship to stores, so you'll finally be able to buy them in a couple of weeks, but we've taken them for an early test drive to see if they really are more than just a map with search built in. See the pics right here! Read more
October 16th, 2008
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Zoombak GPS tracker
Got a pet that keeps wandering off? How about kids that do the same? Maybe you just want to keep tabs on your luggage once it disappears into the bowels of Heathrow. Whatever you’re up to, this matchbox-sized GPS tracker will let you know where it is remotely. Read more
October 13th, 2008
Bored of following the same old instructions? TomTom just announced it’s doing its bit for Children in Need this year, by offering the voices of Terry Wogan, Alan Dedicoat (that’s the National Lottery’s Voice Of The Balls to you), Radio 2’s Sally “Traffic” Boazman and Lynn Bowles, the BBC’s Welsh traffic reporter. Read more
October 7th, 2008
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TomTom's satnavs will save you getting pinched at the pump
In these times of economic trouble, it’s good to know tech firms are on our side. TomTom’s new satnavs will even scour the local area to find the cheapest petrol on offer, before directing you straight to the forecourt! Read more
October 6th, 2008
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TomTom satnav: now updated automatically
Got a TomTom? Now you can keep it loaded with up to date maps without lifting a finger! The satnav firm’s just unveiled TomTom Map Update, a simple service to load up-to-the-minute maps as soon as they’re available. Read more
August 29th, 2008
TomTom's new Live satnav
Satnav giant TomTom has unleashed a whole new range of route-finders - all of which keep a constant connection to the firm's new LIVE Services. Read more
August 22nd, 2008
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TomTom Pro
TomTom has given its best shoes a polish and put on its smartest suit, hoping to appeal to the business traveller with its new TomTom Pro range of route finders. Read more
July 8th, 2008
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Look! The Eiffel Tower sticks up, just like in real life.
Sick of regular satnav systems and their boring flat maps? It seems Navman feels your pain - its new models render over 1,000 buildings in three glorious dimensions! Read more

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