As marketing partnerships go, there’s something about the sci-fi thrills of Halo 4 and the grown-up financial sensibilities of American Express that doesn’t quite match up. Odd then, that this is probably the most ambitious, potentially rewarding tie-up ever to hit Xbox Live... Read more
November 2nd, 2012
The days where ‘movie marketing’ would start and end with dumping a trailer online are long dead. The best viral campaigns know their audience and know how best to engage them, and in that sense the campaign for the upcoming Hitchcock biopic is no different. Ready to frame up the perfect shot? Read more
Is Facebook doing a Google? Earlier this year, Google announced its plans to launch its own fibre-optic internet service in the US. Now it looks like Facebook’s getting in on the action too. Well, sort of. Question is, how much are you willing to bend to get free WiFi? Read more
October 31st, 2012
Joe Patrick, one half of Republic Publishing's award-winning video team, vents some of the frustration he's had with Apple's supposedly perfect video suite, Final Cut Pro X. Are the new updates too little, too late? Read more
Enlisting celebrities to endorse your stuff is a dangerous ploy. It can work quite well (although we’re struggling to remember any shining examples), but more often than not it’ll end up on the wrong side of the god-awful spectrum. And then sometimes it’s really unclear as to whether a campaign is actually good or not, such is its level of insanity. Case in point? This brain-melting Megan Fox / Acer matchup.  Read more
If you had trouble getting to sleep last night, it was probably thanks to the huge disturbance in the force caused by $4.5bn changing hands. Disney now owns LucasFilm, which means that it now owns Star Wars. And there’s a new one on the way. Join us as we take a quick snap shot of the web’s reaction... Read more
Kickstarter, the crowd-funding website, has launched in the UK today, allowing UK-based entrepreneurs, artists, inventors and the like to upload products and source money in Her Majesty’s pounds sterling. Sounds good, but, well... Since it was already possible for us in the UK to post projects, will it actually help? Read more
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GTA V, the next big installment in the longstanding stalwart of the crime gaming genre, has had a rough release date and a solid pre-order date slampped upon its rear, along with a tiny smattering of new info. It seems Rockstar wants to continue its reign as gaming’s most teasing force...  Read more

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