RIM needs to get a move on. While the competition grows and grows, and the app portfolio of even Windows Phone (the newest of the OS bunch) is now burgeoning, the next version of the BlackBerry OS is languishing in development. We’ve just seen some new leaked screens, but is it all a bit too stoic? Read more
September 25th, 2012
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Where are you in the chain of Android updates? Got Jelly Bean yet? Or still waiting on Ice Cream Sandwich? What if we told you that a new Nexus, and therefore a new Android iteration, was on its way? That’s exactly what may be the case, and it looks like HTC’s going to be the manufacturer behind it. Set your wallets to the ‘want’ position.  Read more
September 24th, 2012
With S-Voice, Siri and Google Now, it’s pretty apparent that voice recognition tech will play a larger and larger part in the way we use our mobiles. However, there is one problem facing these systems: they’re not quite clever or active enough. Yet. Here’s how that could be about to change... Read more
We recently reported that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is gearing up to receive its boost up to the lofty heights of Android 4.1 in October. That’s still very much the case, unless, of course, you live in Poland. Read more
We’re not about bandwagon jumping. We’ve all seen the complaints about Apple’s new Maps application, but, you know what? It’s not as terrible as all that. Still, people don’t really like change. Good news, then: if you long to have Google Maps back on iOS, you might not have to wait for the official release. Read more
September 21st, 2012

iPhone 5 now on sale in the UK

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It’s here. The iPhone 5 has launched in the UK just nine days after its unveiling, in what Apple claims is its fastest ever turnaround. Are you going to be one of the scores of fans who turns up on day one? Read more
Got an HTC One X? Good on you: HTC’s flagship Android handset is a brilliantly powerful beast. Only trouble so far is that it’s now a bit behind the times as far as OS iterations goes. Good job, then, that an update to Jelly Bean is on the way. Read more
September 20th, 2012
HTC's two Windows Phone 8 handsets have been priced for the UK. The high-end 8X is set to cost just shy of £400, with a very precise £398.98, according to Unlocked Mobiles. The 8S will sell for £224.98. Read more

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