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[DESC]Motorola's slick mobile TV will hit the UK in weeks. What's more, we hear it's part of Project Kangaroo - a joint on-demand service in the works from British broadcasters.[/DESC][ID]MTjVOVUEtDc[/ID][AUTHOR]electricpigtv[/AUTHOR][IMG][/IMG][RATING]0.00[/RATING][VIEW]108[/VIEW][UPLOADTIME][/UPLOADTIME][LENGTH]44[/LENGTH]
January 7th, 2008
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[DESC]Ultra sleek transparent future phone that monitors your well-being, as well as harnessing the power of the sun![/DESC][ID]gGBtDC2H5GY[/ID][AUTHOR]electricpigtv[/AUTHOR][IMG][/IMG][RATING]5.00[/RATING][VIEW]375[/VIEW][UPLOADTIME][/UPLOADTIME][LENGTH]44[/LENGTH]
[DESC]A flavour of the future from the Finish phone makers.[/DESC] [ID]-vC9uO2DiCA[/ID] [AUTHOR]electricpigtv[/AUTHOR] [IMG][/IMG] [RATING]5.00[/RATING] [VIEW]757[/VIEW] [UPLOADTIME][/UPLOADTIME] [LENGTH]44[/LENGTH]

Video: Hand gesture TV

[DESC]Wave your hands in front of Samsung's new telly to interact with stuff on-screen, a bit like the Wii[/DESC] [ID]jRDejwgRj2w[/ID] [AUTHOR]electricpigtv[/AUTHOR] [IMG][/IMG] [RATING]0.00[/RATING] [VIEW]106[/VIEW] [LENGTH]44[/LENGTH]
[DESC]If your a dirty desktop worker you'll love this water friendly rodent[/DESC] [ID]hlHPJj_tcsE[/ID] [AUTHOR]electricpigtv[/AUTHOR] [IMG][/IMG] [RATING]0.00[/RATING] [VIEW]92[/VIEW] [LENGTH]38[/LENGTH]
October 21st, 2007
Griffin Elan Convertible for iPod flips out
Griffin's latest cover up - the Griffin Elan Convertible flip-top case for iPods fashionably covers up your Apple MP3 player in style. It's leather looks aren't just there to look pretty. Read on to find out more. Read more

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