Could Apple really be about to update Leopard?
There we were, expecting nothing more than a 3G iPhone (and maybe Apple Me) on Monday, and the rumour mill kicks out a claim that Steve Jobs will also demo the next version of Mac OS X. Read more
June 5th, 2008
Asus laptop, complete with projector
This is weird, and cool in equal measure. Asus has been showing off a mysterious laptop at computex, which looks like any other lappy, but with a rotatable projector embedded at the top of its screen. Read more
June 4th, 2008
Acer Aspire One is really real and really cheap
Acer has officially unveiled its Eee PC chasing pint-sized portable and the good news is it starts at wallet teasing £199. Read more
MSI will huff and puff and blow Asus's house in
Asus may have caught everyone by surprise with the success of its tiddly Eee PC laptop, but MSI is ready to whip up a storm in the desktop stakes with its Wind PC waiting in the wings. Read more
Lunchtime lowdown
It’s lunchtime, so grab a sandwich and settle down for a recap of everything gadget-shaped you’ve missed this morning. Read more
Nvidia's planning its own budget computers
We’ve had a spot of MSI Wind, gone gooey over the Eee PC, and even sharpened our credit card over the RazorBook, but soon there’ll be another tiny laptop crying out for our attention, and weirdly, it’ll be made by Nvidia. Read more
Balmuda Design's Floater dock
Using your MacBook with an external monitor at home? Then you really should dock it in this: it’s a vertical holder that’ll keep it exceptionally cool, as well as wonderfully organised. Read more
MacTablet: coming in August?
We were all set to be “surprised” by a Mac Tablet at WWDC next week, but now we hear the touchscreen computer’s going to be unveiled at a special event later in the year. Read more

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