Ready for that iPad mini? Yeah, so are we. Our thumbs have been twiddling our credit cards for weeks now, and our Apple Store refresh button’s worn down to a nub. Trouble is, there may be a few extra goodies also vying for our cash when Apple finally does make the announcement. The latest rumour? A refresh of that old desktop stalwart, the Mac mini. Read more
October 16th, 2012
Asus is back at it with a new phone/tablet hybrid. The original Padfone was well received in its native Taiwan, but failed to set the world alight. Can a sequel, with a raft of top-flight specs, do the business? Read more
October 15th, 2012
Microsoft’s 2012 is a pretty busy one. On top of launching Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, it’s also found time to bring about its own cross-platform Spotify rival. Xbox Music is finally landing tomorrow, but what does it actually do? Read more
October 12th, 2012
Google’s flagship 7-inch tablet is right up the street of anyone who thinks that the iPad is too big and too showy, and is as fine a tablet choice as you can currently get on the Android side of the fence. If only the Nexus 7's storage options hit a higher tier, though, right? Worry not; Google’s got your back. Read more
October 11th, 2012
Sit still for a minute; we’re about to crack your head open and readjust some stuff. First of all, work your mind muscles around this madness. And now, while you’re all confused, this: the idea that watching a video can (and, in many cases, should) be interactive. Yeah... Crazy talk, right? Kind of, but it’s often the crazy ones that make things better. Just ask Apple. Sometimes, if you toy with the status quo, you can make things an awful lot better. Granted, sometimes you end up with something insane like this here pizza burger, but sometimes things do end up drastically better. Case in point? Viral videos that let people play with them. Read more
For all the dross that finds its way onto Kickstarter, it occasionally plays host to a proper gem of a project. The sequel to the iControlPad mobile gaming add-on is one such stroke of genius, and it’s just smashed its target. This is good news. Read more
October 10th, 2012
Windows 8 is coming in just a few short weeks. The launch date for the next iteration of Microsoft’s desktop and tablet OS is set for October 26th, so it’s probably about right that the first flurry of ads has just leaked online. Read more
Now that it’s apparently ‘the run up to Christmas’ (yep, deal with it), tech companies are beginning to unzip their trousers and flop their festive wares across the table. eReaders are king of the Xmas tech gifts, but why splash out on a Kindle when you can get one for just £8? This is the Txtr Beagle. Read more

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