Facebook has lifted the lid on its previously-announced App Center in the US, kicking things off with 600 social apps all neatly stacked up to help you find more tools to connect you and your online activities with your friends. Or is it just adding noise to the noise? We want you to tell us. Read more
June 1st, 2012
It looks like Apple is gearing up to launch iOS 6 at WWDC later this month. We’ve already ran through what we’d like to see, but there’s one big change on everyone’s radar: Apple looks set to ditch Google Maps for a service of its very own. Question is, is that a good move? Read more
March 30th, 2012
RIM seems like it’s spinning out of control. Having posted terrible losses last night, the internet has been awash with rumours that the company is going to cease making BlackBerry devices for consumers in favour of a renewed focus its business-y strengths. Now that appears not to be true, but one obvious question remains: Would you ever dip your toes in the BlackBerry waters again? Read more
March 9th, 2012
On 31 March 2012 the COI, the Central Office of Information, will shut down. For those unsure, the COI is the body responsible for public service announcements in the UK - you know, the woman with a flaming head, and the moonwalking bear. Its work is going in-house within the different government departments, which means we’ll still have the ads and posters. Just as well, because we’ve got a suggestion of the highest importance. Instead of advising us on how to cross the road and live our physical lives, how about some gentle moral guidance for our virtual ones? Never mind benefit frauds, it’s time to make trolls social outcasts. Read more
March 2nd, 2012
[gallery] Yesterday, leaks of supposed Assassin’s Creed 3 artwork started popping up online, with imagery pointing to a sequel set during the American War of Independence of the 1770s. Game Informer later confirmed it. Then last night, Ubisoft published all three pack shots for the game on the Assassin’s Creed Facebook page - you can see them in the gallery after the jump. The setting for the next Assassin’s Creed game has long been a subject of debate. Signs pointed to China; the last game’s writer told Electricpig he’d like to see the series head to revolutionary Ireland; we’d been secretly hoping for the French revolution and the chance to take on Robespierre himself. Now we know what to expect, it’s time to tell us: is this where you want the series to go? Read more
February 24th, 2012
This week Sony launched the PS Vita in the UK, its fight against the onslaught of mobile gaming from the likes of the iPhone and Android, as well as a big, noisy warning shot in the general direction of the Nintendo 3DS. Analysts are predicting big sales, but will it turn the handheld gaming tide? Read more
Last week we asked you to help us out. We wanted to profile the denizens of ElectricPig and find out which smartphones make you tick. You know... as well as inciting a bit of a ruck. A week later and the results are in. Android’s taken the crown, but by how much? And who was next in line? Read more
February 11th, 2011
Today we've heard the big Nokia Windows Phone announcement; we've had the lowdown and are almost done with the shakedown. So, after all is said and done, from what we know about Nokia Windows Phones, do you want one? Click and tell, and drop your thoughts in the comments about whether a Nokia Windows Phone can succeed.

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