The Galaxy Note 2 was reportedly benchmarked over the weekend. If the stats are correct, it'll pack the same quad-core processor as the Galaxy S3, but clocked higher. The Note was the sleeper hit of the last 12 months, and with phone screens getting bigger, the sequel looks like it'll just build on the original's success. Read more
July 20th, 2012
Microsoft has announced the first quarterly loss in its history, the same day as it announced the launch date of Windows 8. To say it has a lot pegged on the new operating system would be putting it mildly. So what does Windows 8 - and its partner Windows Phone 8 - have to do? Read more
July 19th, 2012
The face blurring on YouTube to protect activists' identities is the latest way Google is practising its 'Don't be evil' pledge. But is it keeping to the motto in all areas of its business? Let's take a look. Read more
July 17th, 2012
So Android Jelly Bean looks awesome, with Google Now and the new and improved Voice Search putting some real distance between it and iOS. The Nexus 7 arrives on Thursday, but when will other manufacturers be updating their handsets to Jelly Bean? Well we've been in touch; read the answers after the break. Read more
July 16th, 2012
This morning, Sky was very pleased to announce the arrival of Now TV, its online movie streaming service that aims to soak up some of the UK market that currently doesn’t want to lock into a Sky contract, but does want to watch a good movie. But with some platforms not-yet supported, HD only available on the Xbox and TV and sports still to come, is this more of a soft launch? After a one-on-one with Simon Creasy, Director of Now TV, we’d say yes. Moreover, though, we can say what’s on the cards for the near future and beyond... Read more
Apple has rejoined the EPEAT green list it withdrew its products from recently. And Apple's senior vice-president of hardware engineering Bob Mansfield was surprisingly candid when explaining the decision: "I recognise this was a mistake," Mansfield wrote, about the decision to opt out of the registry of environmentally sound products. "Starting today, all eligible products are back on EPEAT." So what other volte-faces has Apple pulled over the years? Let's take a look. Read more
July 13th, 2012
Either my hand is getting smaller, or phones are getting bigger nowadays. It's a trend that looks set to continue, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rumoured to have a monster 5.5-inch screen, and the follow-up to HTC's ginormous One X leaking today around the 5-inch mark. So why is no one making a decent, powerful, but small Android phone? Read more
London Eye
Pop quiz, hotshot: you leave a lofty position at Google to launch your own innovative mapping app - which platform do you set up on first? If you said ‘Android’, you failed. It’s the logical answer, but the wrong one. Why? Because, according to the Google horse’s mouth, Android suffers from too many hardware fragmentation problems. Nothing new there, perhaps, but when a man who used to head up the development department at Google develops for iOS before Android because of that, you know something’s amiss. Read more

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