Which app do you want most?
In just a few days the iPhone Application Store will open its digital doors, and we’ll be able to download new software to our hearts’ content. But what sort of software do you want?... Here are our most wanted iPhone apps. Read more
June 30th, 2008
Metal Gear T-Shirt
Continuing our look at Metal Gear Solid gadgets we take a peep at some of the real-life MGS gizmos. Join us as we delve into the good, the bad and the ugly. These are all real-life gadgets, not in-game extras and objects like our last round-up. That means everything on this page can be yours, for the right amount of cash, and in some cases, with a bit of hassle importing them. Take a peek. Have we left anything out? Let us know in the comments section below. Read more
June 25th, 2008

Wii hacking made easy!

WiiBrew channel
Hacking your Wii to run homebrew games and applications doesn’t get much easier than this. The ingenious hackers at WiiHD have dished up a simple tutorial and pre-made hack package to crack your Nintendo console with zero effort on your part. Read more
June 23rd, 2008
Snake smoking
To celebrate the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 we’ve rounded up the top ten MGS gadgets of all time, going right from Snake’s first outing to his latest to unearth the finest gadgets right across the tactical espionage series. We’re sure you’ll remember each one with fondness. Have a peep and see if you agree with our seasoned spy veteran nostalgia. Read more
June 16th, 2008
Careful, love
It seems the Nintendo Wii’s appetite for destruction has resurfaced. But this time it’s Wii Fit causing the collateral damage, rather than wayward controllers. According to a poll, a fifth of women admit to getting carried away with Ninty’s exercise tool, smashing all sorts of household objects while on their quest for wellbeing. Read more

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