Back in March, we reported that HTC was planning to port Ice Cream Sandwich to a whole laundry list of its previous devices, including the Desire S, Incredible S and the Desire HD. While no date’s been pencilled next to those names, the community of Android hackers are trying to beat HTC to it: a port of Android 4.0.3 has just landed for the Desire HD, and we’re gonna tell you how (and why) to get it. Read more
March 29th, 2012
This week we’re on a mission to find out if the new iPad can forever banish notebooks and scraps of paper from our daily lives. EP editor James has the new iPad and is throwing everything at it from receipts, to notes, to his most abstract scribbles. But can the same thing be achieved with an iPhone? We’ve picked out the apps that may help you convert to a more digital life. Read on; the trees will thank you for it. Read more
Still waiting for the your Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update? Why?! We told you yesterday that there’s a bunch of ways to get it right this very minute. Still, if you don’t fancy any complicated phone hackery, there is still an alternative: Android launchers. Here are five that bring ICS features to your Galaxy S2 in style... Read more
March 28th, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S2 owner? There’s probably only one thing on your mind at the moment. Well, one thing aside from the imminent Galaxy S3 announcement. We’re talking about Ice Cream Sandwich, of course. You want it? It’s now available... Sort of. Here’s a foolproof guide on how to get Android 4.0 on Samsung’s flagship handset. Read more
January 17th, 2012
Tomorrow, January 18th, is the day that the web goes dark. Or some of it, anyway. As part of an organised protest, Wikipedia, among many others, is going to switch off. So where can you get your information from? Here are some alternatives... Read more
January 9th, 2012

How to ruin your life online

The internet is a minefield. Every turn online is a possible pitfall in terms of your reputation and your general way of life. What’s worse is that many of the more friendly and innocuous-seeming services are often the worst; there are multiple ways to ruin yourself on the web. Here are the worst... Read more
January 5th, 2012
The web can be a wonderful place. Services like Wikipedia have put the entirety of human knowledge up onto the web for free. Just because people are nice. It doesn’t cost you a penny more than the price of your broadband contract. But there’s far more than that at your disposal. Read more
December 31st, 2011
You know what it’s like: the clock counts down and you feel compelled in your drunken state to text all and sundry a happy New Year. Not to mention tweeting. Then the lines jam and you realise that what you’re trying to send is a rambling slur anyway. Here’s how to avoid it this year... Read more

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