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There are certain televisual events throughout the year that really signpost the seasons. When X Factor starts you know it’ll soon be getting dark at 4pm, but the real sign that Christmas is round the corner is when you first see the trucks come over the hill, and ‘Holidays are comin’’ bellow out of your TV. This is the way of things, so is it unwise of Coca-Cola to mess with the formula with a new ad?

Ad agency McCann Madrid has just unveiled a new Christmas campaign for the omnipresent red-labelled drink. The company’s Leandro Raposo says: “In a year like this one, we wanted to highlight the elements of Christmas that are even more magical and relevant than the traditional ones.”

Not really sure what’s meant by ‘in a year like this one’, but – nonetheless – here’s the news ad:

Now, we know that the traditional Coke ad isn’t formatted for widescreen and is getting on a bit, but there’s still no real need to replace it with something new when it’s liked as much as it is. Especially when it’s as cringeworthy as McCann Madrid’s effort, and has such a trashy song attached to it.

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People don’t like change, and this is a big one. Coca-Cola’s already been showing the old ‘Holidays’ ad this year, but are its days numbered? With the new campaign rolling out across 100 countries from today, the status quo looks set for a shakeup. Let us know your thoughts on the new ad below, but we predict a fallout.

  • Steve G

    Change is good and I believe Coca Cola got it right. They focused on the community, the family and friends with everyone working together to have a great time and spend quality time with each other…that’s what Christmas is all about.

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