The average Twitterer sees so many tweets in a single day that you’d be forgiven for naturally thinking that advertising on the platform is akin to shouting into a hurricane. But guess what: shout loud enough, and you’ll be heard…

Twitter’s inability to generate money from advertising blighted much of its first few years – the media writ-large laughed at it for not being able to capitalise on its huge user base. Things may be different now that the promoted tweets business model is in place, but did you know it’s not just Twitter that can benefit from retail-centric tweets?

A joint survey by Twitter and research firm Compete has uncovered the virtues in tweets from retail firms. The 75 day study looked at the habits of 7,800 Twitter users, interspersing tweets from 665 different retailers.

Rise of the Twitter monkey

That huge user group was divvied up into three camps: those who’d get routinely exposed to retail tweets, those that wouldn’t, and a sort of control group designed to just use Twitter like your average norm.

The results? Anyone who saw more than 12 tweets from a retailer’s account was 33 per cent more likely to thumb together the cash and buy something online. Which is a pretty sizeable percentage.

Just another reason why you shouldn’t underestimate the role of your company’s Twitter monkey. But remember: it’s all too easy to make a mistake like this.

Source: Twitter & Compete

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