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A few weeks ago, we reported that YouTube’s spending big on trying to invade your living room. New content and exclusives from existing TV channels are on their way, so isn’t it time the world’s biggest video hosting site spruced itself up for the big screen? Google thinks so, if this sneak-peak of a new redesign is anything to go on…

Whether it’s just an experiment or an early rollout of a proper future redesign remains to be seen, but there’s a brand new area of YouTube that looks purpose-built for the big screen; it’s even called YouTube TV.

YouTube on your TV: 20 new channels inbound

By right-clicking a video and opting for the pop-out player, then pressing ‘Home’ you can access a new sideways scrolling area of trending videos. There are side tabs that aren’t currently working, but the most intriguing element is the search function, which lets you search for videos from your mobile by syncing it up.

It’s all very Metro-inspired, and it may well be nothing more than a stop-gap on the way to something new entirely, but one thing’s for sure: Google’s making tracks with bringing YouTube to your TV in a much more meaningful way.

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