If you’re in charge of a brand’s Facebook page, you probably spend a fair bit of your time worrying about how to get people to actually look at the ream of photos you’re uploading. Worry no more: we’ve found the most effective answer, and it’s about 150 years old. Welcome to the Facebook flip book…

Alfred Dunhill has employed a really unique tactic to show off photos from the recent Nippon Rally in Japan. Weekend-long event? You’re going to end up with a lot of photos. And unless people are crazily dedicated, they’re unlikely to click through every last one. That’s why you have to exploit their sense of fun.

Facebook Timeline: You’re doing it wrong

Dunhill’s photos from the Nippon Rally come together as a beautifully shot series of flip books that, when skipped through quickly, animate.

The agency behind the innovative album, Holler, says that the ploy “highlights much of what Alfred Dunhill is about – creating incredibly well-crafted experiences.” Fair play – it’s oddly much more interesting than a video would have been, and the addictive nature of flicking through will no doubt ensure a lot of engagement.

To flip through for yourself, head to Alfred Dunhill’s Facebook page.

  • http://www.facebook.com/k34n0 Daniel Keane

    Got annoyed after clicking through like nine images, stupid idea.

  • Samsungblue

    Same here, managed to last about a dozen images. Pointless.

  • http://twitter.com/stanleygarland Stanley

    Didn’t like it much myself, clicked about 8 or 10 photos and got bored. Maybe if the pictures had been something more interesting.

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