There’s always a lot of events in the calendar. Whether it’s this expo, that summit or such-and-such a showcase, there’s always something going on. And that makes standing out a bit difficult. We’ve discussed Apple’s way with invites at length, but there is another tack: be knowingly dull. Honestly…

A press release has just gone out to anyone signed up to attend the Media Friendly Conference. And it’s odd. The subject line? ‘Boring 2012 Conference Tickets are now sold out’. Boring? Well, a lot of these things normally are, but you probably shouldn’t admit as such.

Good thing, then, that this is a ruse. The fictitious ‘Boring 2012’ conference, which is apparently set to discuss such burning topics as toast and yellow lines, is the brain child of the Media Friendly Conference’s sponsor, Twelve Thirty Eight. The PR firm is obviously aware that event reminders such as these can be an exercise in pissing into the ocean, so it’s done something different.

Apple invites and the art of communication

And it’s worked, because websites (such as us and The Drum) are talking about it. Will it make anyone extra go to the real conference? Time will tell, but either way it’s a top example of how to spruce up an otherwise dull communique.

Gutted that you won’t be able to attend the Boring talk? Your luck’s properly out, as the event’s organiser explains in the release:

“In theory we could add a number of additional places and still comply with venue fire, health and safety regulations. The real issue is that I would have to source additional chairs for our supplier and in order to do so, I would need to get time off work or rearrange my Asda delivery.”


  • James Ward

    Bit surprised to hear that the event I’ve spent months organising is apparently “fictitious”.

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