One Direction. 1D. Those lads off that thing with that one who likes older women. However you know them, they’re big news. And their big news today is that they’ve racked up 100 million streams on Spotify. To celebrate, Sony Music and One Direction have launched the 1D Music Spotify app. But is that going against the online streaming tool’s grain?

Musically has done some napkin maths to work out that 1D’s 100 streams amount to something in the region of $825,000 (£519,000), so why not celebrate? The 1D app on Spotify allows fans to stream the new album, look at photos and listen to playlists created by the band. It’s not the first such app, though. Not by a mile.

Artist apps from Blur, Quincy Jones and Rancid all offer similar experiences, but none have really taken off. Why? Well, because sticking to one artist isn’t what Spotify’s about.

Spotify apps: Are they too much of a distraction?

The most successful apps on Spotify (aside form lyric and ticket apps) are about discovering new music. If you already know you like One Direction, you can stream their stuff from their artist page, while extra bobbins like photos can (traditionally) be found on the band’s website.

Merging the two seems counter-intuitive; locking people into one place on Spotify destroys some of the experience that makes the music streaming behemoth what it is.

We’ll keep a beady eye on the app charts, but even with the legion of One Direction fans, we’d be surprised to see it make too much of a splash.

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