Apple’s iPad mini has already enjoyed a fair bit of success. Apple refused to separate opening weekend sales figures into different camps for different-sized tablets, but 3 million probably says there’s at least a few of the minis leaving the store shelves. Apple’s now marching on towards Christmas with the launch of two new ads. Big Budget blockbusters? Nope – but that makes them all the better.

It’s probably easy to maintain your spot as the richest company of all time ever when your ad budget extends to a table and a lamp. Apple’s chosen campaign style for the mini is minimalistic yet clever, and that’s completely on purpose: the new line of ads stands in direct contract to the showy dance number that Microsoft’s put on for its Surface tab.

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The two new ads showcase the iPad mini’s deftness with iBooks and iPhoto, and both are laden with visual puns alluding to its similarities and differences to the full-sized iPad:

See what we mean by lo-fi? Thing is, that’s probably to its credit. Anecdotal evidence on our part says that the overblown Surface ad isn’t going over too well on the grounds that it barely shows what the thing actually does, and this simple approach is the perfect antidote.

Not only that, but the iPad mini ads do a grand job of the one thing they really need to do: give people a sense of the device’s scale. What better way to do that than to keep it next to the full-sized iPad throughout?

It’s a far cry from the bombastic 2012 iPods ad, but we think it works.

  • Samir Shah


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