Kickstarter, the crowd-funding website, has launched in the UK today, allowing UK-based entrepreneurs, artists, inventors and the like to upload products and source money in Her Majesty’s pounds sterling. Sounds good, but, well… Since it was already possible for us in the UK to post projects, will it actually help?

UK projects on Kickstarter will be hosted under the same URL. The only real differences to note will be that the cash being sought will have one of these things next to it: ‘£’ …And that the shipping costs may be a bit more friendly if you live in the UK.

Ok, so localisation is nice, and it’ll be interesting to see what ingenuity comes out of these shores, but what other benefit does UK-centric project uploading bring?

Well, maybe a psychological one.

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Because the currency exchange works out the way it does, targets on Kickstarter UK will, at first glance, always appear a lot more manageable than their US counterparts.

It’ll only be an illusion, of course, but it’s the difference between reading a pitch that needs $20,000 and reading one that needs £12,395 – we imagine a fair few UK-based projects will benefit from impulse investors feeling as though their target is more readily reachable.

Still, the day-to-day running of Kickstarter will remain unchanged – it’ll still glean 5% from successfully funded projects. Got a brilliant idea? Time to get it funded.

Read the Kickstarter Blog for more info.

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