If you’re reading this, chances are you’re quite switched on when it comes to the tech world. As such, you’re probably already getting tired of your living room glow box shoving Windows 8 in your face twice every ad break. But remember: not everyone is like you – and a new poll in the US has just duly shown Microsoft exactly that. Erm… Windows wha?

Microsoft’s budget for shouting about Windows 8 is, as you’d expect, rather large. As in, $1 billion kind of large. TV ad breaks are now completely stuffed with mentions of the new operating system (and will be all the way up to Christmas), but they’re still going straight over some people’s heads.

Associated Press in the US has carried out a phone survey to see just how successful Microsoft’s juggernaut of a campaign has been so far. And the results should make the entire marketing industry bang its collective face against the nearest wall.

Windows 8 is now an actual thing!

Get this: of nearly 1,200 in the survey, a huge 52 percent claimed to have never heard of Windows 8. Now, it’s fair to say that surveys like this are always going to be a bit skewed (like, who says yes to a phone survey?), but when over half of your results show that your $1 billion in advertising money may as well be getting chucked down the drain, there’s cause for concern.

Is the problem that there’s still not enough advertising? Or that it’s still early days? Or is it that you’re always going to have some people who just don’t pay enough attention? Let us know your thoughts below.

  • http://twitter.com/jonathonpm Jonathon Marks

    To early to call it really. If 52% still haven’t heard about it after the holidays then Microsoft has a problem.

  • Homer J

    Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that.

  • Rob

    I don’t really watch adverts because of DVRs but I’d have noticed if I’d fast forwarded through one I think. I still haven’t seen an advert for Windows 8. I know we’re bombarded by adverts with every type of media nowadays and I haven’t seen any online either. I take an active interest in pretty much everything from Microsoft, Android and Apple so I think there must be something wrong with the campaign Has anyone seen an advert and if so where?

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