Hurricane Sandy is en route to start ripping up half of the east coast of the USA. It’s not really a laughing matter – the Frankenstorm is enormous, and won’t be very much fun for anyone caught in its way. Google’s already (mildly) felt the brunt of it, having to cancel its Android event due to the potential for hurricane-based death.

With that off the cards, though, the big G’s had time to put something else together: a Hurricane Sandy crisis map. Are you in any danger?

The map plots the path of the hurricane, as well as jotting down what to expect in each area, updated on the fly as new info comes in. There’s also stats and info about the Frankenstorm, and links to relevant content.

On top of that, Google’s created a bespoke map of New York City, with more ground-level info such as evacuation zones. To help things further, both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have lifted their paywalls until the threat literally blows over.

Link: Hurricane Sandy crisis map | NYC Crisis map

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