On Orange or T-Mobile? Are you sure? Technically, you’re on Everything Everywhere, which is now EE. Only, you’re still on Orange or T-Mobile really Unless you get 4G when it’s switched on tomorrow (Oct 30th). Confused? That’s understandable… 

Everything Everywhere, the super-brand made up of T-Mobile and Orange, is officially rebranding to EE as of today. Steven Day, the company’s chief of brands, says that the name change will “focus and re-energise” the company and its heritage brands, but is it all too confusing for Joe Public to understand?

Here’s the thing: if you opt for 4G, you’ll be on EE true and proper. If not, you’ll continue to push your cash into the pockets of T-Mobile or Orange. But, and this is where it gets weird, you’ll really just be on those networks in name only – your coverage will be from the EE company.

EE 4G: The end of humanity?

Eventually, as the rebrand wears on, those two networks will shrivel up and die, leaving nothing but EE in their wake.

Now, if we can barely get our heads around all this, it’s probably a bit too much to ask the man on the street to either know or care. Bear in mind, as well, that that man on the street probably still hasn’t had enough time to get used to the idea of Everything Everywhere being a thing anyway, and now that’s having a name change.

A rebranding is meant to pump a load of new oomph into a brand, but when it’s this staggered and unclear, is there really any point?

  • Eeek!

    Should’ve added a fee extra e’s for Halloween.

  • http://www.facebook.com/1rhysdavies Rhys Davies

    I laugh when my i-phone gets EDGE, so it says EE E at the top. Put that one in the pot as well.

  • Ed

    My Orange contract is up so I talked to some oik at EEOrangeTMobileOrWhateverTheyreCalledThisWeek and said, this is so confusing, I bet it gets changed to just be “EE” at some point in the future. Chap on the other end said “Sir, I work for the company, I can guarantee you they won’t spend millions of pounds re-launching to go and change it all”.

    I offered to make a bet with him they change it within 18 months. He declined.

    It is stupidly confusing, so I am going to change networks.

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