Want to see how to put so much spin on a court-ordered apology that it might actually affect global tides? Read on for a bamboozling display of word trickery from Apple…

In case you’ve been keeping your ears and eyes in a drawer, Apple and Samsung have had a rather messy falling out over patents and design. See, whilst Apple has been accusing Samsung of stealing its iPad design for its own gain, the UK courts think different.

The judge decreed that Samsung hasn’t copied Apple because its products just aren’t ‘cool’. And at the same time, ordered Apple to apologise for stirring up the trouble in the first place.

So, hang on… Apple has to apologise on the grounds that Samsung hasn’t actually copied the iPad, and also that Samsung’s gear isn’t (whatever it means) cool? Sounds like an opportunity for a PR spin to us.

Enough teasing, just read Apple’s official statement for yourself.

Best worst apology ever. There’s a pun in this somewhere, to do with the term ‘spin doctor’ and the phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay’. Answers on a postcard.

  • http://twitter.com/brotherphil Phil Culmer

    Strikes me as contempt of court.

  • http://twitter.com/lexplex_ Lexplex

    Amusing, and not without some pain for Apple since the rulings they mention at the bottom are being overturned as well and public apologies are also being demanded in those regions.

    Also a very clever legal strategy for Samsung – defend themselves on the grounds of ‘coolness of Apple’, so that Apple couldn’t argue back without saying that either Apple wasn’t cool or that Samsung was.

    Winner: Samsung. (Though I agree that the Apple iPad design is ‘cooler’ than Samsung’s more plasticky utilitarian design).

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