Windows 8 has launched. It’s spilling across the world as you read this, fixing to stop PCs from being dull, and at the same time giving Microsoft a serious footing in the hitherto Apple-dominated tablet market. Thankfully, the publishing world is trying to help.

Are we finally about to see a real two-horse race?

When Apple launched the iPad mini on Wednesday, it did its usual preamble about how successful its tablet range is. This included a stat that well over 90 per cent of mobile tablet web traffic comes from an iPad.

Time to ditch the digital mags?

That’s a number that Microsoft wants to make a dent in – both with its own Surface tablet and from its manufacturing partner’s efforts. But if it wants to do that, it needs apps. The Windows 8 store for apps currently only has about 10,000 in its vaults, but that looks set to grow rapidly.

To make sure that happens, some of publishing’s biggest names are joining the Windows bench. The New York Times, Bonnier and Condé Nast have all pledged their allegience – the latter already has 14 mags on sale for Windows 8 devices, while Bonnier has 16.

More will duly follow, but seeing the biggest names in the game involved is a promising start. The only problem? Well, have digital magazines already had their day?

  • P.C. Sievers

    Two horse race?

    Apple had 53% of the market in figures that are older than the Nexus 7 and Android takes up nearly the entire rest of the market. It already was a two horse race.

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