Never, ever underestimate the power of free things. Or, for that matter, the power of a bacon sandwich. What happens when you combine the two? A bit of social media gold.

On Monday, Love Pork took to its Facebook page to say the following:

“Happy Monday folks! Red Tractor pig farmers are thanking the people of Britain in advance for continuing to buy Red Tractor, even though global crop failures and the increased cost of pig rearing means that the price of pork will go up a little. So they’ll be traveling the country giving out free bacon sandwiches, starting in central London on Wednesday. Tell us where you and your workmates will be and they’ll do their best to get to you.”

And, sure enough, the brand’s farmers spent yesterday burning round the UK dishing out free bacon sarnies. Which was nice. Thing is, it did very good things for its numbers on Facebook. Check this out:

Facebook’s Insights tool is a little tricky to decipher because it breaks things down into weeks, rather than days, but since the free bacon announcement, Love Pork’s ‘new likes per week’ number jumped from 25 to 222. The ‘people talking about this’ figure, meanwhile, basically doubled – from over 400 to nearly 900.

Facebook Timeline: You’re doing it wrong

The lesson? The oldest methods are often the simplest. For every impressive competition and elaborate quiz, there’s always a solution far more sublimely straightforward that’ll work just as well. Free bacon sandwiches? Who can say ‘no’ to that?

…Well, apart from vegetarians, obviously.

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