The iPad mini and the new iPods are big news for Apple. Not because the products themselves are swish, but because they’ve been ushered into existence with the best ads that Apple’s managed to make for some years. Welcome back to the top tier of ad-making… 

Apple used to be brilliant at adverts. In the early days of the iPod, colourful commercials with well-chosen music and those iconic silhouettes were everywhere, and so famous that they were often lampooned. And then, suddenly, things stopped being quite so iconic.

Apple invites and the art of communication

For the past, ooh, let’s say two years, Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod adverts have all been nice, but they’ve not been particularly memorable. There’s been something of a slump.

But, miraculously, that slump now seems to be over, thanks to this:

What a brilliantly-made ad. The song choice is almost perfect, and the whole thing tells you everything you need to know about the new iPod lineup without having to say a word. It’s fun, it’s energetic and it’s brief – brief enough to leave you a little bit bamboozled. In a good way.

So that’s good, but it could be a one-off, right? Nope; the announcement ad for the iPad mini is just as inspired, but in an altogether different way. Again, there’s no voiceover, but it tells you all you need to know:

The message is that you can still do all the same stuff you could do on the original (in this case music making) – you won’t be losing out. And it says that very elegantly.

In short: we’re impressed. Either someone’s been fired or someone’s been hired at Apple, because these two ads are a country mile smarter than what’s been oozing out of Cupertino for the past few product cycles. Kudos.

  • Anonymous

    You are aware that the “mini” is Less than 2 inches smaller, right?

  • Lloyd Schober

    Are you also aware that that your fanboyism is clouding your judgement? These adverts are merely so-so . I see nothing that shouts of a miracle . Best calm down before your readership finds another tech news site with less apple enthusiasm .

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