Lovefilm, the DVD rental-turned streaming service which is owned by Amazon, has spent the past year battling against Netflix for the top spot on the UK movie streaming charts. Will the service’s integration with the dirt-cheap Amazon Kindle Fire tabs give it a leg up in the run up to Christmas? And can a stellar new feature tip it over the edge?

“The minute customers turn on their Kindle Fire HD they will have instant access to our vast content ecosystem of apps, games, songs, books and magazines, plus thousands of fantastic movies and TV shows from Lovefilm,” said Amazon Europe’s Kindle VP Jorrit Van der Meulen.

Amazon claims that the UK-based movie streaming service is “deeply integrated” into the new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, which it’s hoping will give it a boost over the festive season.

Netflix slags off Lovefilm’s streaming tech

On top of the standard movie streaming, Amazon’s injected some magic from another of its big properties – IMDb. The new “X-Ray for Movies” feature lets you access the database’s reams of info on the fly without leaving the movie-watching experience – letting you look up actors, scenes and trivia.

The Kindle Fire (£159) and Kindle Fire HD (£219) both come with a month’s free trial to Lovefilm.

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