A while back, a video hit the web that made ripples because it poked fun at Apple users. Hang on, though; that’s not all that difficult a job to do, is it? No. But then it’s not hard to make fun of any die hard phone fan. And it’s exactly that line of thinking that’s now brought us the repost, ‘Sh*t Android users say’.

The response video, which has been made by MobilePhoneFinder, takes a look at the other side of the Apple Vs Android argument, ribbing on Android users for making the exact opposite points that extreme Apple fans do.

It’s mildly amusing in the same way as the anti-Apple video, but, if we’re being honest, these are getting a bit old now.

Along with Samsung’s bitchy ads that mock Apple fans standing in line, and RIM’s bizarre ‘wake up’ campaign from earlier this year, this kind of stuff just seems unnecessarily bitter. Anyone who cares so much about their phone that they think other people’s phones are actually ‘bad’ should probably take a long hard look at themselves.

  • Anonymous

    As I remember, this was started by apple with Mac vs PC ads

    Too bad they forgot get patent on this :)

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