Making a video that successfully showcases the skill, knowledge and passion that goes into making a product is an art form. Companies like Apple and Google routinely knock their product videos out of the park, but you don’t need to have mountains of cash and resources. Hey, if these guys can do it, why can’t you?

Meet John Neeman, a man who lives in a cabin in the Latvian woods. John makes tools. Beautifully-made, hand-crafted tools that get melted into shape over a homemade fire. Make no mistake: John Neeman’s tools are lo-fi.

But, curiously, his videos aren’t. On the official John Neeman Vimeo page reside a couple of stunning product videos that run through the process of making the tools in question, all lovingly filmed and set to the wintry sounds of Bon Iver. But there’s nary a video team in sight. Everything in the videos is filmed, edited and produced by John and his pal Jacob, on a borrowed Canon:

The Birth Of A Tool. Part I. Axe Making (by John Neeman) from John Neeman Tools on Vimeo.

Given that this is coming from a cabin in the middle of the barren Latvian woods, and made by a man with no previous experience, the videos are gorgeously well made. So, we’ll ask again: what excuses are there for poorly done product showcases?

For a full interview with John, which delves deeper into the processes behind making the most old-school tools in this side of the Latvian hinterland, check out the link below:

Humans Invent:

 - The birth of a handmade tool



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