Bet you’re clamoring to join a new social network, right? No? Oh, well, what if there was one that combined all the best bits from the ones you already are on and wove them together? And what if you could make money from it, too?

Pheed is a social networking upstart that wants to suck up Facebook and Twitter users alike. And, frankly, it’s a little bit confusing. Pheed allows you to sign in via those two networks, and can import posts from Facebook (or post from Pheed to them), but also acts as a network in its own right, in as much as you can create ‘pheeds’, which are essentially Pheed-only posts.

With us? Ok, let’s whip through the checklist: Friends? Check. People (read: celebs) to subscribe to? Yep. Trending hashtags? Indeed. Photo, video, audio and written updates? Present. Inbox messages? Yes. Timeline? Brazenly, yes. Likes, dislikes and comments? Take a wild guess.

Hold on: You’re doing Facebook wrong

Thing is, whilst Pheed quite openly nicks the best of its rivals (and gets away with it by integrating them), it also adds something: financial gain. The service is free to use, but offers a premium subscription too – from $1.99 to $34.99 per month.

If you think your content’s going to drive a lot of traffic, signing up for a premium account could make you cash, as Pheed splits revenue from premium pages and content straight down the middle and gives half to you.

Can this much of a mishmash prove to be successful? The user numbers will decide, but to us Pheed seems like it’s trying to be a jack of absolutely everything, and a master of none. With a big Myspace relaunch just round the corner, the pressure’s on.

Link: Pheed

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