Apple CEO Tim Cook and his cohorts have taken to the stage tonight to officially announce the iPad mini. As expected, the tab is a diminutive version of its bigger brother, with a few new tricks up its sleeves to boot. Read on for the full details.

The iPad mini is a shrunken iPad in more than name only. The display is a 7.9-inch Retina Display number, which sizes the tablet to compete with the likes of the Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire. And it’s got a crazy 1024×768 resolution.

In terms of build and design, the iPad mini borrows something from the new iPod touch. The bezel is very thin around the sides, and the whole thing is just 7.2mm thick, and 0.68lbs in weight. That’s half the weight of the iPad, and the thickness of a pencil. And yes, it’s got it’s own Smart Cover

As you’d expect, the iPad mini comes pre-loaded with iOS 6, which brings with it features like Passbook, the much-maligned Apple Maps and Siri.

All that’s powered by an Apple A5 chip – the same as is in the iPad 3. That comes with 1GHz of RAM. Just as well, as gaming is one of the things that Apple’s really pushing with the iPad mini. Make no mistake, this is a device for content consumption, more than content creation.

Specifically, the iPad mini will be poised to take some of the wind out of the Kindle’s sales in the run up to Christmas, and Apple is pushing hard on its reading capabilities with iBooks – it’ll be better suited to that than the current iPad, too, given it’s built to be held with one hand. iBooks has been bumped up, as such – now offering book updates and a continuous vertical scrolling option.

The cameras on the iPad mini are a 5-Meg iSight number on the back and a FaceTime HD beauty on the front. Connectivity is handled by WiFi or 4G LTE.

The reason the fully-sized iPad is able to offer such an impressive battery life is because batteries make up the bulk of its innards. Does the smaller iPad mini suffer for being smaller? No: Apple claims that the battery life on the mini will push 10 hours, too.

So, on to the crucial details: price and release date. The iPad mini will come in just a 16GB flavour. The price for that is $329 (which converts to £206, but will actually be £269) for the WiFi model, and the iPad mini will be available to pre-order in the UK on October 26th, and will ship on November 2nd.

Oh, and it’s got the Lightning connector, too. This goes along with an updated version of its bigger brother, which gets an A6X processor and the Lightning connector. So there you have it: the iPad mini… The tablet that Apple said it’d never make. Is it everything you’ve been hoping for?

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  • Neil Hobbs

    Price ripoff yet again. Oh we’ll have to buy it in the states instead

  • Anonymous

    Before you start kicking off about rip off Britain remember the US price does not include sales tax and the UK price includes VAT – If you do the calculation properly the conversion of the $329 comes out to be £249 – so not too far off. Lazy journalism

  • Rob Hague

    So what is the point? At 80% the size of the ‘big’ one it hardly deserves to be called ‘diminutive’. It isn’t small enough to be of any benefit – it won’t fit in a shirt pocket like a Samsung Note2.
    Overpriced and failing to compete with it’s competition. Apple going for incremental changes rather than innovation.

  • Patrick

    I got my Used mint condition Galaxy note 1st gen for only £300, and its faster and higher spec amoled 1280*800 screen.
    But as I own over 570 ios apps/games etc, This is the ipad I have been waiting for. I’ve had the nexus 7, samsung tab 7 2 ( unable to move to sd ? ) and did not like them. The nexus 7 cannot even play doodle jump without been sideloaded. As Google play says it will not work on there own tablet, what a Joke.
    So at long last I can get a tablet that I can use. lets just hope the back of the black one is not as bad as the iPhone 5
    I think @ £259 its not to bad a price.

    • Rob Hague

      You’re right – keeping access to those apps is the only tie… And your comments seem to indicate it is more a case of the competition failing to shine rather than Apple being particularly innovative…

      • Patrick

        I find Android Devices poor. I feel Google should have done an MS and in some way Apple thing and said what the min spec should be. I’ve meet a lot of people that buy the wrong device because it runs android. It might run it but will it really do what they want.
        The wife and kids own ipod touch 4th gen, but i dont own any.. I’ve been waiting for a smaller ipad I never liked my ipad 1st gen. As my apps are from my iPhone 3g 3gs days…
        I understand that People dont like apple or the high price, but when they get it so right it does not really matter. I understand things do lock up on Apple like any other device but I’ve found its seems to be more stable then any android device I have owned and I’ve had loads.
        I like my galaxy note but again its not stable by anyway shape or form.
        And if it was not for the screen res and type I would have got rid within days of buying it…

  • cgs101

    I would have liked a retina display (and A6 chip) for the price… It’s mini but not really “cheap”

  • P.C. Sievers

    Talking up the display which is 163ppi, decidedly not “retina display”, and a level of resolution worse than all of its competitors is just terrible reporting. Its “crazy” resolution is lower than high end smartphones.

  • James

    not sure I’d want a tablet with a tiny bezel when held in portrait orientation…..
    Also, with the slew of high spec Android tablets starting to arrive with Android 4.1, this looks expensive. When you can get something as capable and well built as an Ainol Novo 7 Crystal for 75 squid, it makes devices like these look very very expensive.
    Also, I believe you mean 1gb ram, not 1 ghz.

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