4G in the UK is finally a real, actual thing that you can boast about having when down the pub. And like everything else down the pub, it comes at a price. In other words; EE has just unveiled the UK pricing for its 4G tariffs. So what’s the damage?

EE 4G promises mobile browsing speeds on a par with what you can experience with your home broadband. It’s a huge step up for UK customers, even if you are currently locked to either Orange or T-Mobile – the two companies that make up the EE network.

The price to you? EE 4G starts at £36 per month for a tariff with 500MB of data and unlimited calls and texts, ranging up to £56 per month for a huge 8GB of data allowance. All the tariffs are 24-month jobs. Here’s the full break down:

Worth the money? While the bottom end tariff is essentially the same as any standard smartphone deal, the 500MB data cap may be frustrating if you plan on making the most of your 4G connection.

4G in the UK explained

Likewise, if you’ve never really felt like the speed of your mobile connection is wanting, or if you do the bulk of your heavy browsing at home on a WiFi connection, then you have to seriously ask yourself: is EE’s 4G worth the cash at this stage?

  • mpw

    Yes, it’s what I expected but in a very disappointing way. I expected data caps but these are very low; I expected an increase in price but these are far too high; I didn’t expect multiple add-ons to boost the prices.

    Overall, I wouldn’t jump to EE LTE services with these packages and pricing. I want unlimited data at a fast speed (could this be 3G+ or LTE – what is the ‘right speed’?) and a realistic monthly price. EE doesn’t do this with their LTE products, 3 gets there with it’s top packages, close to the speed required and, truly, unlimited data.

    Where did it all wrong for UK LTE? It’s only one day old (in terms of pricing) and we’re all looking for alternative options! So much for OFCOM and good old fashioned monopolies!

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