Since Facebook Timeline came into effect, it’s been much easier for brands to represent themselves in a striking manner. But that doesn’t often lead to sales. Tell you what does, though: being on Pinterest. Time you took a more active interest in the social wishlist?

We know what you’re thinking: survey results, schmurvey schmresults. But you can’t really argue with numbers when the sample size is big enough. BizRateInsights has tracked the habits of some 7,000 US online users to see which is the more powerful tool for brands – Facebook or Pinterest.

And the latter wins hands down. Almost double the amount of people claim to connect with brands on Pinterest than on Facebook, for one – but the real revelation is how that converts into actual sales.

You’re doing Facebook timeline wrong

69 per cent of Pinterest users surveyed eventually end up buying products they find on the site, compared to just 40 per cent of Facebookers.

Time to ditch the big blue social network then? Well, not entirely. For one, Facebook users are much more likely to engage in competitions and promotions, but the obvious factor here is reach: Pinterest has a long way to go to catch Facebook’s user base, which is fast approaching a billion.

Although having said that, Facebook’s got a long way to go before it catches up with Pinterest in the ‘pictures of Ryan Gosling and his dog‘ stakes.

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